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Welcome to the Next-Level Leadership Program, your eight-week leadership development course. Together with your peers you’ll explore three core competencies that every great leader must master: (1) mindset; (2) executive communication; and (3) enterprise leadership.

How one thinks about people, challenges, opportunities, and virtually every aspect of business and life, has a very strong impact on leadership style and is inextricably linked to decisions and results. Mindset is the key factor in determining how we will lead and perform within an organizational culture.

This module establishes mindset as the foundation of any professional who seeks to have impact and drive results through others, the basic definition of leadership.

Our journey begins with self-assessment, an important exercise in understanding how you see, communicate and act as a leader to move and influence others. Together, we will discuss the unique challenges that we face as leaders, determine our leadership styles, and examine a case, illustrating the need for underrepresented Black talent to master a growth mindset to fuel career agility within their divisions, companies and cultures.